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OTIEM® DETERGENT PASTE is a versatile  with powerful wetting and dispersing properties. It is eminently suitable for Milling of woolen fabrics  with minimum weight loss during milling. It is also very efficient chemical for scouring, kier-boiling and post-dyeing soaping treatment for all fibers.  

OTIEM® DETERGENT PASTE combines high cleaning efficiency with powerful emulsification properties for mineral oil, vegetable oil and animal fats. It has therefore been found particularly valuable and effective in the woolen and worsted industry in milling, scouring and preparation processes for raw wool, worsted and woolen yarns and fabrics, carpet yarns, knitted webbing, hose and garments and for milling of woolen fabrics.


Is a highly efficient Milling and  scouring   for woolen goods.

Is an exclusive scouring and milling assistant for premium soft and lustrous. wool. Is an excellent washing-off/soaping agent for reactive/azoic dyed goods.

Assists wetting and penetration during bleaching of celluloses. Is widely used in the scouring of synthetics and blends.


Stable when stored in normal storage conditions.

Health & Safety
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Type Anionic      
Composition Based on sulphate alcohols      
Appearance Yellowish  Viscous thick liquid        
Solubility Readily soluble in hot water at 500C    
Compatibility Stable to hard water, electrolytes, dilute acids and alkalis  
Application Ideal Solution  For Milling  Of  Woolen Blankets  
  12% Solution Of lOTIEM® DETERGENT PASTE i.e.    
  24 Kg of lOTIEM® DETERGENT PASTE to be diluted in 200 Lts. Of Water

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