Commercial buildings depends on electricity for most of their energy consumption needs and the consumption of power in an office building during the day time is much higher which makes them ideally suited to install solar panels. Offices and Businesses can use for pre-heating ventilation air, water heating, solar cooling and lighting and electricity. It increases the value of the building .It is pollution free and contributes to the reduction of a country’s carbon emissions.


Installing solar enables schools to run on clean energy while at the same time combatting greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. In addition, especially with an on-site solar installation, it reduces dependence on outsourced fossil fuels and promotes renewable energy use in the surrounding area. Solar Power Will Reduce Operating Costs for the School. It’s easy for schools to gain a reputation for innovativeness and Creativity


Solar power is almost a good move for home owners interested in saving money on electricity costs and supporting a healthier environment. Some homes are more well suited to solar power systems than others. Your sun exposure, roof, climate, even state policies can influence how well you’ll do with a residential solar power system. This is a one time expenditure that serves cost free for more than twenty five years and also it is a reliable and clean energy source.


Hospitals have a high demand for power and so installing solar panels completely makes sense.Hospitals are considered to be the most visited places. Installing a solar system at hospitals make sense because it is power intensive and going solar will reduce power bills. Since the power consumption is more, installing solar panels will save money and will result in good returns.This initiatives could go a long way in reducing the overall carbon footprint of a society at large.



Our vision is to be recognised as a solar service provider providing sustainable,cost-effective,professionally managed,value based energy solution with suitable skills, understanding the requirement, help to define goals, evaluate options, and make informed and confident decisions and committed towards customer satisfaction.



We are working with a mission of delivering rooftop solar power systems at the best possible value for our customers. We as a service provider firm helps residential and commercial customers to generate their own power by investing in future technology, reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turn-key solar energy systems.

We Help you to Adopt in three Quick Steps


We sensitise people about adoption of green energy.We strongly believe that sensitisation helps people to take decision wisely. We see your property and suggest the optimum solution, taking into account the direction, exposure to the sun and other factors.


We are committed to whatever we share with our clients. We take care of the complete installation process, we strongly belief that every solar panel and inverter that we use should be the best in terms of its quality and performance.


We offer you a complete Annual Maintenance Contract .We take care of any issues, that arise no matter you are our existing customer or you come to know about our services from some source.

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ORION GREEN Solar has been helping forward-thinking customers with their energy needs by providing solar Power as a Service (SPAAS) with unparalleled expertise & results.

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